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5 Reasons to upgrade to nQuery v8.5 [Video]

January 24, 2020

About the webinar

"5 reasons to upgrade to nQuery v8.5" answers all the questions you may have about moving to the newest version of nQuery.

5 Reasons to upgrade to nQuery v8.5

For over 23 years, nQuery has been used by biostatisticians and researchers to ensure they meet regulatory requirements and make their clinical trials as efficient and ethical as possible.

In 2017, we completely redeveloped nQuery and advanced into a new era of clinical trial design.

This means nQuery is now the complete trial design platform, covering Adaptive, Bayesian and Fixed-term trials. Our upcoming webinar"5 reasons to upgrade to nQuery v8.5" answers all the questions you may have about moving to the new version.

By attending this webinar, you will learn about:

  1. Why nQuery is the only cost-effective solution to implement flexible trials
  2. The benefits of updating to v8.5 for you and your organization
  3. How to use these new features to optimize your trials
  4. Our free package updates that happen twice a year
  5. Solutions for your IT department to aid updating

So if you are an nQuery customer and would like to get a complete understanding of the new features in nQuery, I encourage you to click here and register for this webinar.

To watch the recording of this webinar, just click the image below.


45 minutes
Speaker: Brian Fox, nQuery Researcher, Statsols

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