Sample Size Expert Blog

Clinical Trial Design & Sample Size Calculation Mistakes To Avoid

15 Ways to Reduce Sample Size In Clinical Trials

New FDA Guidance on Adaptive Clinical Trial Design

New FDA Guidance on Seamless Clinical Trials

Highlights from JSM 2018 | Vancouver

5 Reasons Why Researchers Are Using nQuery To Calculate Bayesian Assurance

Say hello to the nQuery Sample Size Software Team at JSM 2018

The 5 Essential Steps for Sample Size Determination (Webinar)

Practical Methods to Overcome Sample Size Challenges (Webinar)

A Brief Overview of Bayesian Analysis for Biostatisticians

5 Reasons Why Pharma Companies Are Calculating Bayesian Assurance

Dose Escalation: Quickly determine the Maximum-Tolerated Dose through Continual Reassessment Method

Why Frequentists are using Bayesian Statistics in Clinical Trial Design

Top 10 Corporate Clinical Trial Sponsors of 2016

Wider Integration of Cost Considerations in Sample Size

The Effect of Adaptive Trials and Sample Size Re-estimation

Integrating Uncertainty in Parameter Estimates

Most Popular Clinical Trial Drugs of 2016

Why do phase III clinical trials fail?

What is the difference between Superiority vs. Equivalence vs. Non-inferiority in clinical trial design

Making it personal: N-of-1 trials, allowing for individuality but not overdoing it

Predictive Analytics: From Proverbs to PX

How the "sexiest job of the 21st century" will be automated by 2025

Intact social cognitive processes in outpatients with anorexia nervosa: a pilot study

STUDY: Pre-surgical depression and anxiety and recovery following coronary artery bypass graft surgery

Clinical Trials Data Dive - Results from 220,000 clinical trials

Power Combined with Precision Helps Improve Sample Size Justification

Thoughts on the ASA P Values Statement

Why is Sample Size important?

Monday at JSM 2015, what are you attending?

An Overview of Multiple Imputation in SOLAS for Missing Data 5.0

Missing Data - A Pervasive Problem in Data Analysis

Why is Sample Size Important?

Data Integration and Visualization

New lung cancer detection instrument moving to clinical trials stage

Institute of Medicine releases report “Sharing Clinical Trial Data: Maximizing Benefits, Minimizing Risk”

nQuery Advisor + nTerim used to calculate sample size at St James Hospital, Dublin.

Clinical trials to begin soon for eZMapp, created by Mapp Biopharmaceutical.

Clinical trial combo started by Amgen and Merck

Brincidofovir a very-broad-spectrum antiviral drug?

Johnson and Johnson to Start Ebola Vaccine Trial in 2015

Meta Analysis

GSK to start Clinical Trial on Ebola Vaccine

Happy Birthday Statistical Solutions

Sensitivity analysis for a partially missing binary outcome

nQuery Advisor + nTerim now sold on subscription.

Happy 4th July!

Clinical trial data to be made available for download.

Generic versus brand name drugs

Homeward bound from DIA

Sample Size

Info-graphic: The process of discovering and bringing a new drug to the public

Did you know?

FDA recommends bioequivalence standards for 26 drugs

The DIA 2014 50th Annual Meeting

New Release - nQuery Advisor + nTerim 3.0

Introducing the nQuery Advisor + nTerim Campus Licence.

nQuery Advisor User Group for Clinical Trials.

A Celebration of Don Rubin on His 70th Birthday

The World of Statistics launch new website

New Year, New Website

The Prevention and Treatment of Missing Data in Clinical Trials

Free Webinar…..Multiple Imputation in Pharmaceutical Clinical Trials

Association of Survey Computing Conference Report

ISI Dublin + JSM Miami Reports

Report on 4th Workshop on Analysis of Incomplete Data (AID), Bamberg, Germany

PSI Expert Group on Missing Data

Power and Sample Size for Group Sequential Trials

BMDP Statistical Software in Cutting Edge Research

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