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Alternatives to the p-value & power - The effect on sample size

About the webinar

When the ASA released their statement on p-values and statistical significance, it created a new wave of discussion and debate on p-values and null hypothesis significance testing (NHST).

With numerous alternative approaches to statistical inference being championed and some calls to abandon statistical significance completely, it has never been a better time to catch up on these alternatives and see their potential effects on the areas of study planning and sample size determination.

What are the alternatives to the p-value & power?
What is the next step for sample size determination?
We will explore these issues in this free webinar presented by nQuery

Alternatives to the p-value & power
The effect on sample size determination


In this free webinar you will learn about:

  • The controversy over NHST / p-values
  • Alternatives to Power in SSD
  • SSD for Frequentist Intervals
  • Bayesian Sample Size
  • Worked examples will include:
    - Confidence Interval for Two Means
    - Tolerance Interval for One Mean
    - Prediction Interval for One Subject
    - Credible Interval for One Mean
    - Posterior Error for Two Sample Z-test

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Duration: 60 minutes 
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