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Clinical Trial Design & Sample Size Calculation Mistakes To Avoid

The calculation of the correct sample size is one of the first and most important steps in study design. Below is a list of sample size determination practices to be avoided as per the E9 Statistical Principles for Clinical Trials found in the FDA Guidance for industry.

15 Ways to Reduce Sample Size In Clinical Trials

How do you reduce sample size in clinical trials? Reducing sample size without losing power can be accomplished by one of three principles. This paper examines these methods and demonstrates 15 ways to reduce sample size in clinical trials.

Topics: Power & Sample Size Reduce Sample Size Clinical Trials

New FDA Guidance on Adaptive Clinical Trial Design

Recently the FDA published the revised draft guidance on "Adaptive Designs for Clinical Trials of Drugs and Biologics". This is a quick summary of the guidance and what sample size challenges and opportunities Biostatisticians are expected to face.

Topics: Adaptive Clinical Trials

New FDA Guidance on Seamless Clinical Trials

The FDA recently published draft guidance regarding seamless trials that it believes will help accelerate drug development without compromising patient safety in the area of oncology. Below is a quick summary of this guidance.

Topics: sample size challenges Power & Sample Size sample size determination Seamless Trials

Highlights from JSM 2018 | Vancouver

The nQuery Sample Size Software team recently made the trip from our Irish HQ to Vancouver in Canada for JSM 2018. Read a quick overview of the highlights & insights from JSM including the Bayesian technology workshop that our Head of Statistics - Ronan Fitzpatrick - hosted at JSM 2018.

Topics: JSM

5 Reasons Why Researchers Are Using nQuery To Calculate Bayesian Assurance

The pharmaceutical industry is increasingly turning to Bayesian methods in an attempt to improve efficiency and enhance decision making at many stages. See the top 5 reasons why researchers are using nQuery sample size software to calculate Assurance (Bayesian Power).

Topics: Clinical Trials Bayesian Assurance nQuery Bayes sample size determination

Say hello to the nQuery Sample Size Software Team at JSM 2018

If you are going to JSM this year, drop by the nQuery Sample Size Software booth (#328) to meet some members of our team, talk all things sample size and give us your thoughts on nQuery! We would love to see you there.

Topics: JSM

The 5 Essential Steps for Sample Size Determination (Webinar)

Re-watch our popular webinar where we list the The 5 Essential Steps for Sample Size Determination. At each step, Eimear will highlight the important function it plays and how to avoid the errors that will negatively impact your sample size determination and therefore your study.

Topics: sample size challenges how to calculate sample size Power & Sample Size Effect Size sample size determination webinar

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