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Highlights from JSM 2018 | Vancouver

August 10, 2018

The nQuery Sample Size Software team recently made the trip from our Irish HQ to Vancouver in Canada for JSM 2018. Read a quick overview of the highlights & insights from JSM including the Bayesian technology workshop that our Head of Statistics - Ronan Fitzpatrick - hosted at JSM 2018.

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The nQuery Team at JSM

In attendance was Brendan Nyhan - Chief Operating Officer, Ronan Fitzpatrick - Head of Statistics and Christine Carey - Product Manager.

nQuery Sample Size Software Team at JSM

Meeting nQuery Customers

In addition to attending some great talks and workshops. A highlight for the nQuery Team at JSM was having the opportunity to meet nQuery users.

Thomas Zheng from Umich at JSM 2018 with nQuery Chief Operating Officer -  Brendan Nyhan - discussing how a dedicated sample size solution like nQuery can really save a statistician a lot of time and effort.Thomas Zheng from umich at #JSM2018  with  nQuery COO-151166-edited-532124-edited

Bayesian Statistics expert Debajyoti Sinha with nQuery Product Manager - Christine Carey - and Chief Operating Officer - Brendan Nyhan chatting about the advancements in Bayesian methodology.Debajyoti Sinha at JSM with nQuery Sample Size Software Team-261253-edited-366909-edited-444794-edited

nQuery Sample Size Software Workshop at JSM

JSM Workshop #JSM2018 #LeadWithStatistics

nQuery Lead Researcher & Head of Statistics - Ronan Fitzpatrick - hosted a great computer technology workshop titled Formalize the Use of Bayesian Methodology in Your Clinical Trial Framework with nQuery

The workshop focused on addressing the industry wide problem that is the high cost of failed clinical trials.  As companies need to make better decisions much sooner in the developmental process, they need to be in a position to recognize which of their early trials have the best potential for ultimate phase III success and then direct much needed resources towards these high-potential trials. Statisticians are uniquely placed to lead their organizations in the exploration of newer or alternative methods that allow for a more insightful decision-making process.

The workshop covered how Statisticians can:

  • Use prior information from pilot studies and other sources to make quicker and better decision
  • Discover the likelihood of a "positive" trial outcome and then make better decisions on which trials show the best potential

Head of Statistics & nQuery Lead Researcher - Ronan Fitzpatrick - conducting a computer technology workshop at JSM 2018 in Vancouver. nQuery Advanced includes a new module called nQuery Bayes, this is specifically designed for the exploration of Bayesian methodology for clinical trialsRonan Fitzpatrick nQuery Statistician at JSM-593845-edited

JSM 2018 - Conclusion

After some great days of insightful talks in addition to meeting both new and long term nQuery users, Ronan Fitzpatrick shares his thoughts on JSM 2018.

"JSM 2018 in Vancouver was a great conference with a host of interesting talks about statistics and sample size.
Talks and courses on topics such as adaptive design and survival analysis show the strength of expertise displayed each year at JSM.

I believe our Computer Technology Workshop "Formalize the Use of Bayesian Methodology in Your Clinical Trial Framework with nQuery Advanced" helped show the value of Bayesian thinking in the study planning framework using concepts such as assurance and mixed Bayesian likelihood."
- Ronan Fitzpatrick, Head of Statistics & nQuery Lead Researcher -

JSM 2018 in Vancouver was a great success. The nQuery Sample Size Software Team are already looking forward to JSM 2019 in Denver, Colorado. We just hope our Product Manager Christine Carey is returned to us by then! 

Product Manager - Christine Carey - being apprehended by the The Royal Canadian Mounted Police at JSM 2018.Christine Carey at JSM Vancouver nQuery Sample Size Software-490324-edited

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