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Practical Methods to Overcome Sample Size Challenges (Webinar)

Re-watch our popular webinar where we examine some of the most common and practical challenges you will experience while calculating sample size for your study. These challenges are split into two categories: 1. Overcoming Sample Size Calculation Challenges (Survival Analysis Example) & 2. Overcoming Study Design Challenges (Vaccine Efficacy Example).

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A Brief Overview of Bayesian Analysis for Biostatisticians

Bayesian methods are becoming more common in clinical trials. Previously, a lack of computing in sample size software hindered the use of these methods, but improvements in the area have led to more widespread use. To examine what’s new and different about Bayesian sample size determination, we first need to consider what’s done in a traditional setting.

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5 Reasons Why Pharma Companies Are Calculating Bayesian Assurance

The pharmaceutical industry is increasingly turning to Bayesian methods in an attempt to improve efficiency and enhance decision making. Assurance (Bayesian Power) is becoming a key feature of these Bayesian methods. This is not to replace traditional power but to complement it.

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Why Frequentists are using Bayesian Statistics in Clinical Trial Design

Statisticians are familiar with the long standing debate regarding Frequentists Vs Bayesian methodologies and the benefits (or negatives) that each present to a particular situation. However, we are now experiencing a rise in traditional frequentists using Bayesian statistics. What are the reasons behind this? While complex, we can identify two high level points.

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