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Improving Your Pre-Trial Milestone Predictions

April 5, 2022

About the webinar

Predicting the length of time needed to reach key enrollment and event milestones is a vital part of planning a clinical trial.

Improving Your Pre-Trial Milestone Predictions
Using Interim Data to Improve Expected Study Length


In this free webinar, you will learn how to overcome the challenges associated with:

  • Clinical Trial Milestone Prediction
  • How to make Milestone Predictions Pre-trial
  • Updating Milestone Predictions using Interim Data
  • Example of Milestone Prediction using Interim Data

More About The Webinar
Clinical trials rely on key study milestones, such as sample size or a target number of events being reached, before an analysis can be conducted. However, these targets are often reached later than expected from the pre-trial planning.

An updated understanding of the trial’s trajectory can be made based on real-time interim predictions. Using updated predictions based on interim data, the appropriate actions required can be evaluated to keep a trial on track.

In this webinar, we provide an introduction to clinical trial milestone prediction and the options available to make these predictions before and during a clinical trial.

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