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Clinical Trial Design | 2023's most popular topics

December 5, 2023

About the webinar

For our final webinar, we will be using nQuery to demonstrate some of the most popular trial design topics covered this year.

We focus on three of the most popular webinars, highlighting some interesting examples from each, in addition to giving an overview of the other topics covered throughout the year.

Clinical Trial Design

2023's most popular topics

Clinical Trial Design_On Demand

In this free webinar you will feature practical examples in the areas of:

  • Group Sequential Design Theory and Practice
    Practical Guide to Group Sequential Design
  • Sample Size for Regression Models
    Sample Size Calculation for Common Regression Models
  • Dealing with Uncertainty in Sample Size Determination
    Finding the Appropriate Sample Size for Pilot Studies

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Duration: 60 minutes

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Download and explore the data yourself. Data files include:

      • Blinded SSR Two Sample tTest Internal Pilot Example.nqt   
      • Cox Regression Example.nqt
      • GST Two Means Example.nqt
      • Information Based GST Example.nqt
      • Linear Reg One Norm Covatiate Example.nqt
      • Pilot Study Two Sample T Test Example.nqt
      • T Test Two Means Example.nqt
      • Wald Test for OR Log Reg Example.nqt

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