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Clinical Trials Data Dive - Results from 220,000 clinical trials

Statsols looked at data from 220,000 clinical trials. Below are just some of the points we found.

As you may know, Section 801 of the Food and Drug Administration Amendments Act (FDAAA 801) requires the registration and submission of summary results of clinical trials with The law applies to certain clinical trials of drugs (including biological products) and medical devices. At the time of publishing currently has over 220,000 clinical trials registered. We examined the data to get some interesting results on a few topics such as:

  • Where in America are the most clinical trials registered
  • How many clinical trials were registered in 2015
  • How many trials were registered per week
  • What is the busiest time for clinical trial submission 
  • What sample size calculator did CROs and Pharmaceutical companies use who received FDA approval for their clinical trials

Clinical Trials Data Dive - Trends from 220,000 Clinical Trials


What do you think of the findings? Will New York overtake California as having the highest number of clinical trials registered? Let us know below.

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