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Designing MAMS Trials | Advantages, issues and sample size

About the webinar

A Multi-arm Multi-stage (MAMS) design evaluates multiple arms while giving the flexibility to stop early, drop study arms or add study arms as per the growing evidence from an on-going trial.

MAMS trials can provide a quick and efficient evaluation of multiple treatments, targets or doses under a single study protocol.

As umbrella, platform and basket trials grow in popularity alongside the master protocol strategy, flexible statistical models and planning tools will be needed for designs such as MAMs.

Designing MAMS Trials
Advantages, issues and sample size


In this free webinar you will learn about:

  • Introduction to MAMS clinical trial design
  • Advantages of MAMS design
  • Types of multi-arm multi-stage trials
  • Group sequential MAMS trials
  • Worked examples
  • & more

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Duration: 60 minutes 
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What are Multi-Arm Multi-Stage Trials? 

MAMS trials designs provide the ability to assess more treatments in less time than could be done with a series of two-arm trials and can offer significantly smaller sample size requirements when compared to that required for the equivalent number of two-arm trials.


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