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Optimizing Oncology Trial Design  (FAQs & Common Issues)

November 23, 2020

About the webinar

We offer guidance on how to optimize your oncology trial design. Specifically we will examine the frequently asked questions and common issues that arise.

Optimizing Oncology Trial Designs
FAQs & Common Issues


In this free webinar you will learn about:

  • Endpoints
  • Models
  • Covariates, stratification and censoring issues
  • Adaptive design - complications and opportunities
  • Sample size determination
  • & more

Play the video below to watch
the complete recording of this webinar

Duration: 60 minutes 
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2.40s | Agenda & About nQuery

PART 1 - Method Choice

4.50s | Common design questions
12.45s | Models/methods for survival
20.55s | Covariates and stratification
23.05s | Sample size for survival Analysis
26.20s | Worked example 1

PART 2 - Design Issues

30:00s | Design issues (survival SSD)
34:30s | Evolution of survival SSD
36.40s | Worked example 2

PART 3 - Special Topics
49:45s | Adaptive design
50:20s | Survival SSR complications
53:30s | Worked example 3 / GST & unblinded SSR
59:40s | Other Topics & examples

PART 4 - Conclusions

1:01:10s | Discussion

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