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Designing Sequential Clinical Trials

March 8, 2022

About the webinar

A step by step guide for the practical implementation of a Sequential Vaccine Trial.

Through this design, we assess the challenges often encountered in implementing this type of design.

Designing Sequential Clinical Trials
A practical implementation of a sequential vaccine trial


In this free webinar, you will learn how to overcome the challenges associated with:

  • Sequential Trial Design
    What options are available to you

  • Interim Monitoring & Sample Size Re-estimation
    The Cui, Hung & Wang method
    The Chen, DeMets & Lan method

  • Practical Implementation of Sequential Design
    How to correctly design a Group Sequential Design
    How to make interim adaptations to your Sequential Design

More About The Webinar
Sequential designs are a very powerful and useful class of Adaptive trial designs that have become common in the clinical trial landscape.

Due to the complex nature of these types of designs, some unique challenges are often encountered with their implementation. In addition, these types of designs often attract greater regulatory scrutiny.

While Group Sequential Designs which employ an error spending approach are the most common type of sequential design, other options are also available.

In this webinar, we explore the broad area of sequential designs and interim monitoring of these trials.

In addition, we examine the issues encountered in the implementation of these designs through the use of a detailed worked example, illustrating some of the tools available in nQuery.

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