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2024 Trends in Clinical Trial Design | Complex Trial Design and Impact of Emerging Technologies in Clinical Trials

January 10, 2024

The clinical trial space has seen increased innovation in recent years, building off legislative and regulatory changes. With pandemic-era regulations wound down in 2023, 2024 should see some of the key learnings from that period woven into the day-to-day choices made in clinical trials to create better and more open trials.

In this free webinar, we cover two larger trends that should see significant developments in 2024: Innovative clinical trial designs and Emerging technology.

We explore the latest developments in adaptive design regulation, the complex innovative design concept, the exciting growth of platform trials, the impact of AI/ML on clinical trials, and an overview of the quickly maturing decentralized clinical trials field.

2024 Trends in Clinical Trial Design

Complex Trial Design and Impact of Emerging Technologies in Clinical Trials

2024 Trends in Clinical Trial Design

In this free webinar we will cover:

  • 2023 Review + 2024 Preview of Clinical Trial Design

  • Innovative Clinical Trial Design Trends
    Adaptive Design
    Complex Innovative Designs (CID)
    Platform Trials
  • Emerging Technology in Clinical Trials
    AI/ML Impact on Clinical Trials
    Decentralized Clinical Trials

More about the webinar

The complexity of clinical trial designs has increased significantly in recent years in response to higher costs and failure rates with adaptive design now a key option in clinical trials.

As ICH E20 approaches we review where adaptive design is moving towards in 2024. We also review the complex innovative design concept and how it will impact and mature in upcoming years as industry and regulators work together.

We also look at the potential impact of platform trials in the years ahead as the excitement grows for a potentially major shift in treatment assessment.

Emerging technology has a high potential to solve many of the logistical and complex problems that come with clinical trials. Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning is already having a huge impact on medical devices and drug discovery and could help vastly improve trial retention, routine written tasks and provide innovations for difficult domains such as rare disease trials.

Decentralized trials have the potential to dovetail with other innovations and increase trial access to underrepresented patients.

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Duration: 60 minutes

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