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Projecting How Long Your Trial Will Take | A Practical Guide to Milestone Prediction

February 7, 2024

One of the biggest uncertainties when running a clinical trial is predicting how long a trial will take to reach its goal.

Whether predicting the time needed to reach an enrollment milestone or projecting when the required number of events will occur in a survival trial, making informed estimates of how long your trial will be ensures you are best placed to communicate and adapt appropriately with all stakeholders.

In this free webinar, we cover how simulations can be used to model and project the time needed to reach an enrollment or event milestone using simulation tools such as nQuery Predict.

Projecting How Long Your Trial Will Take

A Practical Guide to Milestone Prediction

Projecting How Long Your Trial Will Take

In this free webinar we will cover

  • Common Milestones that Affect Study Length
  • Simulation Modelling for Enrollment and Survival Events
  • Worked Examples of Milestone Prediction

More about the webinar

The simulation modeling is a highly flexible way to predict how long it will take to reach a trial milestone. Whether pre-trial or using interim data, simulation tools such as nQuery Predict can help better understand the trajectory of your trial allowing for early warning and potential adaptation if a trial is falling behind schedule. 

This webinar covers an overview of the concept of enrollment and survival events prediction for clinical trials. We will explore how simulations can be tailored to model the enrollment process, the factors influencing enrollment and how they can be incorporated into simulations.

We will also delve into how simulations provide a dynamic and realistic approach to modeling complex scenarios and how we can use the simulation framework to project timelines for diverse events.

This hands-on webinar also addresses common challenges in simulation modeling along with strategies to enhance the accuracy and reliability of projections.

We will also focus on the features that make nQuery Predict a powerful simulation tool for projecting timelines along with tips and best practices for optimizing simulations for accurate projections.

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Duration: 60 minutes

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