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JSM 2020 Philadelphia - Everything you need to know!

August 16, 2019

JSM 2020 - Everything you need to know

JSM 2020 - Joint Statistical Meetings 2020 - Philadelphia

The nQuery Sample Size Team will again join more than 6,500 attendees from 52 countries at the largest statistical events in the world.

Where is JSM 2020?

  • JSM 2020 (Joint Statistical Meetings) will be held in the Pennsylvania Convention Center, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, Sat, Aug 1, 2020 – Thu, Aug 6, 2020.

About JSM 2020, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

The Joint Statistical Meetings 2020 (JSM 2020) it set to continue the trend of being the largest largest industry, government and academic conference for statisticians. 

It is reported that JSM is the "the largest gathering of statisticians held in North America" attracting More than 6,500 attendees from 52 countries. The following statistical societies are designated as JSM partners:

  1. The American Statistical Association (ASA)
  2. The Institute of Mathematical Statistics (IMS)
  3. Two regions of the International Biometric Society (IBS)
  4. The Eastern North American Region (ENAR)
  5. The Western North American Region (WNAR)
  6. The Statistical Society of Canada (SSC)
  7. International Society for Bayesian Analysis (ISBA)
  8. International Chinese Statistical Association (ICSA)
  9. International Indian Statistical Association (IISA)
  10. Korean International Statistical Society (KISS)


How to present or participate at JSM 2020?

There are many opportunities to participate in the Joint Statistical Meetings 2020. 

  • Invited, topic-contributed, and contributed sessions
  • Introductory overview lectures
  • Late-breaking sessions
  • Poster presentations
  • Roundtable discussions
  • Professional development courses and workshops

ParticipationGuidelines-JSM-2020-with-nQuery-Sample-Size-Software For more information, you can read the JSM participants guidelines here.

When is the deadline for submissions for JSM 2020?

  • Invited Session Proposals – Deadline September 5, 2019
  • Topic-Contributed Session Proposals – Deadline December 10, 2019
  • Abstract Submissions – Deadline February 4, 2020
  • Proceedings – Deadline October 5, 2020
  • Full details are available via the AMSTAT website

JSM 2020 Online Program

Here is a outline of the program for JSM 2020 in Philadelphia. The full 2020 online program for JSM will be linked here once it is available. A popular alternative to the official program is the yearly publication from Citizen Statistician. You can view the previous years JSM online program here. These links will be updated with the JSM 2020 program as soon as they become available.

nQuery at Joint Statistical Meetings 2020, Philadelphia

As in previous years the nQuery Sample Size Software team will also be present at JSM 2020. You can read our blog about JSM 2019 that was held in Denver, Colorado here. At JSM 2020 we hope to have the same great experience of meeting both long term and new nQuery users alike. At JSM 2019 we took this chance to get direct feedback on some great new features we plan to release in the near future and also to discuss how nQuery can further help our users with sample size and power analysis for frequentist, Bayesian and adaptive trial planning.

JSM-2020-Joint Statistical Meetings-Philadelphia-Pennsylvania-nQuery-Sample-Size-Software

How do I download the slides from JSM 2019

If you missed JSM 2019 in Denver, the ASA have provided access to download the slides for more than 1,500 Presentations from JSM 2019.

To access presentations, visit the online program and search for the session or speaker whose presentation you are interested in viewing - or just browse the program to discover what's available. 

How do I download the slides from JSM 2019

If you missed JSM 2019 in Denver, the ASA have also provided access to watch some highlights of JSM 2019 via the Plenary Session Webcasts. You can watch highlights of JSM 2019 Denver here. 

Interesting facts about Philadelphia, location of JSM 2020

As the largest city in Pennsylvania, Philly contributed hugely to American history. Apart from the being home to the iconic Liberty Bell and other historical facts, there are some lesser known facts reported about Philadelphia. The full list can be found on medium here.


Home to the first hospital - Philadelphia was also home to the first hospital in 1751. Dr. Thomas Bond and Benjamin Franklin founded the Pennsylvania Hospital to care for “the sick-poor and insane” living on the streets of Philadelphia.

Immigrant heritage - Philadelphia is home to the second largest Irish and Italian populations. Philadelphia is only second behind New City for the most Irish and Italian people.

Home to first general use computer - Philadelphia had the first electronic computer in 1946. It weighed 27 pounds and was much faster than many other computing devices at the time.

The world’s largest cheesesteak - In 1988, Philadelphia’s home football team, the Eagles, helped to create the largest sandwich that was, shocker, the length of a football field.

Philadelphia’s Mütter museum - The Museum of medical history is home to a variety of bizarre American artifacts. It has slices of Einstein’s brain, a tumor from President Grover Cleveland’s jaw, tissue removed from the vertebra of John Wilkes Booth’s brain, and a book bound with human skin. The museum was completed in 1863 and has grown to include more than 25,000 medical relics.

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