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A Brief Overview of Bayesian Analysis for Biostatisticians

Bayesian methods are becoming more common in clinical trials. Previously, a lack of computing in sample size software hindered the use of these methods, but improvements in the area have led to more widespread use. To examine what’s new and different about Bayesian sample size determination, we first need to consider what’s done in a traditional setting.

Topics: Introduction to Sample Size Reduce Sample Size Bayesian Assurance nQuery Bayes Dose Escalation Continual Reassessment Method (CRM)

15 Ways to Reduce Sample Size In Clinical Trials

How do you reduce sample size in clinical trials? Reducing sample size without losing power can be accomplished in one of three principles. This paper examines these methods and demonstrates 15 ways to reduce sample size in clinical trials.

Topics: Power & Sample Size Clinical Trials Reduce Sample Size

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