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The 5 Essential Steps for Sample Size Determination (Webinar)

Re-watch our popular webinar where we list the The 5 Essential Steps for Sample Size Determination. At each step, Eimear will highlight the important function it plays and how to avoid the errors that will negatively impact your sample size determination and therefore your study.

Topics: sample size challenges how to calculate sample size Power & Sample Size Effect Size sample size determination webinar

Practical Methods to Overcome Sample Size Challenges (Webinar)

Re-watch our popular webinar where we examine some of the most common and practical challenges you will experience while calculating sample size for your study. These challenges are split into two categories: 1. Overcoming Sample Size Calculation Challenges (Survival Analysis Example) & 2. Overcoming Study Design Challenges (Vaccine Efficacy Example).

Topics: Bayesian Assurance webinar sample size challenges sample size determination Effect Size Drop Out Case-Control Analysis Alternative Randomization Methods Rare Events

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